Tuesday, January 26, 2010

@XL-4 (Republic day at XLRI)

Today I woke up at morning 8:30 and rushed in front of XLRI academic block for attending flag hoisting ceremony at 9:30 am. It is nice to see so many people attending this ceremony without any compulsion. There were professors, their families, students and working staff of XLRI. Today it was 61st Republic day for the country. The first song performed by Bodhitree( The official Band of XLRI) was " Aye Mere Vatan ke logon, Jaraa aankh mein bhar lo paanee, Jo shaheed huyein hai unkee, jaraa yaad karo kurbaani". The song asks us to remember all the freedom fighters of the country who donated their lives in the cause of freedom for the country. We are the young generation of our country and fortunately we have not seen any major debacle/insurgency in our country. We are MBA students and the biggest tragedies we remember are 2002 Dotcom burst or for that matter the recent economic recession. We are troubled by "Satyam Saga". We are one of the most genuine persons in the country who have worked enormously hard to make our ways to XLRI. But we have a tenderness in our approach. We have a fear against instability in our lives. Do we truly remember the sacrifice of people done by our freedom fighters. How many of us do understand the enormity of the cause that our forefathers took up or how many of us can feel even a fraction of pain that instigated them to donate their lives to freedom movement of India. I think our generation is well past that pain because if there was even a slight feeling of gratitude, respect to our freedom fighters, we the so called capable ones would have fought prevalent poverty, illiteracy, improper health care in our country. Each of us would have at least taken more responsibilities in our lives. I really believe that we have potential to become a great country but we need people who assume their all responsibilties and make it a point to fullfill them.

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Its never late to start... and realization is the first step towards it.