Friday, October 30, 2009

Harsha Uvaach

I came across this video of Harsha Bhogle speaking at IIM Calcutta. I spent 1 hr 26 minutes and 57 seconds watching the video. Harsha was brilliant at various points. He said that there are many things that he has learnt out of life and he wished that he had known them when he was at IIM A. some of those learnings that he mentioned are:

1- Try to achieve excellence in profession that you are in. ( Money should not be primary factor, it will come automatically with excellence)
2- Talent is not determining factor for success. In fact it is Grit of a person that determines his success. Excellent people in all fields have excellent work ethics.
3- Your approach to any problem determines your solution. Approach problems differently.
4- Don't repeat mistakes in life. One would get better by doing this as we only have a limited set of mistakes that we can commit.
5- Honesty and Ethics are very important factors to determine the height of achievements of a person.
6- If you bow down, opponents loose respect for you. You gain your respect by retaliation.
7- Take Challenges in life. If you win, you are a STAR. if you loose, its OK.
8- Communicate effectively. Its vital for your success.
9- Keep Check of your Health. Its necessary.

I think these learnings are worth imbibing. You are free to disagree.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Professor Bhargava can not see anything. There are small droplets of water on his specs. He is elated. He does not understand why? He feels as if he just done what he always wanted to. He has just been there where he always wanted to be. Something has grown in him which he always wanted to develop. He looks at sky and feels as if universe is welcoming him back. Where had he been? He looks around. A boy is looking at him. Professor stands up and goes near to him. Boy shouts "Papa". Professor can not recognise him. He walks away. Boy can not understand what has happened to his daddy. He shouts gain "Papa". Professor looks back. He cant remember the boy still. He thinks, "Who is this boy?".Professor asks the boy,"Who are you??" Boy is surprised. He says to himself, "Papa" and starts crying.
Its 2nd October. A big poster of Mahatma Ghandhi is looking at Both of them. Professor wants boy to calm down. He looks in to his pocket for some money so that he could buy something for the boy. He finds his purse, opnes it and he sees a picture of himself, a lady and that of the boy in his pocket. Now it is turn to be surprised. Suddently he sees a procession coming towards them with Indian flag in their hand. They are shouting "Mahatma ji ki jai ho". Professor clutches hand of boy and clears the way for that procession.

To be continued....