Friday, January 8, 2010

Merry Christmas

Its Christmas today and it is time to be around your loved ones. There are times when we express our love very explicitly and sometimes our love is very implicit. I think what matters the most is to have at least one person in this world whom you can tell, “God only knows what I will be without you”. Our lives have become very busy and target driven all the times. Sometimes they are professional targets and sometimes personal targets, we rarely sit back and enjoy the warmth of affection of our loved ones. We do spend time with them but our minds are at our work or even sometimes focus is only spending time with them. But human is created to have emotions by God and he wants our hearts to share love, happiness, sorrow with others and I think life is more fulfilling when we do just that. I think one can take a test to check if he is really getting the affection that he deserves in life or if he does love his loved ones wholeheartedly. The test is to watch two movies in a straight sitting, first is “Notting Hill” and other is “Love Actually”. Please repeat last 10 minutes of “Love Actually” once again. Now try to think of last time when you had the similar feeling. If you can remember at least one time in recent six months, you are just fine. Otherwise there is something that you are missing. You should start sharing your feeling with others, should open yourself. There is a lot of love waiting in the world for all of us. Have a great time ahead. Merry Christmas

PS: Post was drafted on 25th December only :-)

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Day Dreamer said...

Have seen Notting Hill and honestly din't like it that much, may be the hype raised my expectations too much...Will see love actually for sure.