Saturday, January 16, 2010

DCP war !!!

People have many innovative ways to get fun at classes at XLRI ( learning is ofcourse fun ;-) but ppl always demand more fun). A Recent innovation is DCP war. DCP is "Desperate Class Participation". This is a common term across all B-School where teachers allocate some marks for class participation. Students however in order to get these marks will ask questions just for nothing and then it becomes Desperate Class participation.
@ AOL course we were told that there are 3 kinds of questions ppl ask:
1- The questions that they dont even care to ask. like "How are you" etc.
2- The questions that they seek answers for. The questions where they disagree/agree, where they seek confrontation/confirmation.
3- The questions they ask to show their knowledge. Or questions they ask to show that they are interested? (Well DCP belongs to this category)

So Next level to DCP is DCP war. Where we have made some teams in the class. For every question asked the team gets a point. And the team which asks the maximum questions wins. Now there are many ways to spice it up further. Like There are rules like if a member of a team asks a question, another member of the same team should ask a question before member of any other team asks a question. Otherwise the first team gets negative points. Then other ways are creating rythms in DCP where a moderator controls the time when a question has to be asked. And as soon as he shows a sign, a question has to be asked by a team with in 5 seconds.

Overall this is fun. And this does not even hampers learning. :-)

DISCLAIMER: Its just fiction with no reality. We are very serious about academics at XLRI.

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Shikha Jain said...

yah i agree :) it goes here too. some sections seriously partcipate, other sections do DCP :D