Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cover of Time magazine depicting India's Partition

Click on the image to see it more clearly.

Think, why only this image!!! You will have interesting thoughts.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Day Special

This poem I had written at College for Kavi Sammelan, I thought I can mention it here on our very own "HAPPY VALENTINE DAY"

Mile Dwivedi jee kal parson, Bole bhaiya Kavya Sandhya karvaanee hai,
Kuchh roj baad hee eliminations hain, koi Bumper kavita likhkar laanee hai,

Humne kaha dwivedi jee, Kavita to kavi kee baanee hai,
Vaise hee aatankavaad ka jor prachanda hai, kyon Bum(Bomb) par kavita likhvaanee hai,

Dwivedi jee bole vaah, Baat to tumharee badee pyaaree hai
par shabdon ko jara sambhaalna, Allahabad mein mahaul thoda bharee hai,

PremDivas( Valentine day) kee poorva sandhya par, Humne kavita ka sriganesha karne kee thaanee
Bhai proposal accepted to romantic, nahee to tragic kavita to hai hee ban jaanee,

Ab to Dil ka internet GOOGLE search par laga pada tha
Dasiyon baar college ke chakkar par bhee NO RESULT FOUND ka board laga tha

Kuchh din to fir hum bhaiya khoye khoye rahte the
Ghanton tak UPTRON(a place beside MNNIT) par, Jaisingh kee kursee par baithe rahte the

Fir Socha kyon naa kuchh nayee takneek apnaayee jaaye,
Bhai, Hi-Tech ka jamaana haim ORKUT par jugat lagayee jaaye,

To lage haath humne bhee, invitation accept kar hee daala,
Par haath laga kya khaak, Bhaiya Dwivedi jee ne barbaad kar daala,

Ghanto tak surfing karne par bhee, 17 kee friend list mein 17 hee ladke the
Socha chalo kuchh tips milengee, par is field mein saare kadke the

Par Vah din tha kuchh khaas, pooree huyee jab meree aas,
Mere mailbox mein bhee ek ladkee ka mail aaya,
Bhaiya Fir to humne bhee 2-3 mail kar hee daale,
Reply nahee mila to bhee apna, ghar ka, saare phone no de daale,

Man hee man hum khush ho gaye, Bhaiya ab to hum bhee flirt karenge,
Bahut din huye doosron ko dekh, Ab apbne bhee din firenge,
Chatting ke ab session honge, naye naye sensation honge,
Phone par raat to dheere dheere baat hogee, kuchh dinon mein mulaakaat hogee

Usee din raaste mein Dwivedi jee mile, bole bhaiya kavita ka kya hua,
Humne kahan Dwivedi jee, Aapne to humaaree jindagee kee kavita bana dee,
Dwivedi jee achraj se, hairaan se Humein dekhte rah gaye,
Soch rahe the shayad vo yah, ye mohit bhai abhee kya kah gaye,

Par kuchh din baad ek mitra humaare muskaate huye humaare pas aaye,
Bole bhaiya kuchh badal rahe ho, kuchh to hua hai,
Humne unhein bade garva se apnee PremGatha sunayee, to Muskaye, aur fir muskaaye,
Fir saath humaare apne computer par, Humein hamaare saare love letter dikhaye

Bole bhaiya, Hum to yoon hee majaak kar rahe the, Aapka aur apna time paas kar rahe the
Vaise humne jo ladkee ka naam rakha tha, vo bahut hee pyaara tha
Sach batao meree kasam, kya usee naam se aapko maara tha

Mai kya karta bechaara, Uskee baat par muskura raha tha
par maathe ka paseena dil kee vyatha bataa raha tha

Agle din Dwivedi jee, Humein Raaste mein Yoon hee mil gaye,
Humse Bole Bhaiya Mohit, Kavita ke kya haalchaal hain
Humne Dwivedi jee ko ghoora, kaha Dwivedi jee kavita ko barbaad kar diya aapne,
Ab Hum Chaahe local cinema haal mein Mithun kee picture dekhne jaayenge, par hum aapkee kavya sandhya mein kabhee nahee aayenge,

Hum aapkee kavya sandhya mein kabhee nahee aayenge

Thursday, February 12, 2009

GPRS and Special theory of relativity

While "special theory of relativity" may provide one many wild thoughts, I just happened to think about an interesting thing. We all know GPRS. GPRS is done through a packet switched communication over circuit switched networks. As circuit switched networks are inefficient, GPRS technology uses blank time slots where circuit swithched network is not being utilised. And hence more bandwidth is available to one to communicate.
I just happened to think, if someday even if we dont make a time machine ( but some how we partially make it ie. we are able to bring time dimension also in to our realms of communication) then in GPRS communication we could also use slots those are free in nights even if we wanted to communicate in day. We could use time slots of future. Then world might be fighting over these furture time slots as it fights over oil today ( Think USA and India have a Indo-US time slot division deal, By which Indian companies can buy time slots of US, there are discussions in world economic forum where IBSA is against G8 countries because these countries have very high rates for their communication time slots, or UN peace summit has communication time slots in its agenda). Imagine the amount of bandwidth one can achieve that way.
Well, Bandwidth itself is a wonderful term. It comes essentially from frequency domain representation of a signal( which if you see is in time domain only (controversial thought though, some communication engineers will not agree)), so this future usage of Badwidth will add another dimension to the Bandwidth as we say it today.
Let me explain it a bit, let us say I send 2 images to my friend, one goes in current time and one goes in future time, but even if the image will come in future time, My friend sees it now and says "Dude you look great". (It seems crazy, and that is what is).
Imagine, the speeds that we will be able to achieve, Imagine the amount of data that we could send in minutes, imagine other impacts of same thing, Hackers if peep into your system, they will devastate you in seconds. People will do many wonderful things if time machines become possible, but I am free to have my own thoughts. :-D