Monday, January 11, 2010

Art of Living @XL

XLRI has arranged a 3 day "Art of living" program for us. Program has a great reputation across the world. Apart from other regular exercises somethings really struck me during the program. One was Sudarshan Kriya. I went to sleep during this Kriya(As a matter of fact most tormented souls of XLRI, who had barely slept in previous nights went in deep sleep). When I woke up, I woke up blank.It looked as if I had slept for hours. Before sleeping, I could feel vibrations in my head, similar to when you have drunk some glasses of Alcohol. And when I woke up I felt as I was at some other level. It was a wonderful experience. I dont remember last time when I went in such a deep sleep.

During the program we were asked to think about things that bother us. One thing that came to my mind was "Unrest" in the world. I was asked to imagine how world would look like without any wars and conflicts. I tried to imagine it and it was a wonderful sight. I loved it. There were no conflicts and humanitarian crisis like today at Iraq and Sudan. There was technological progress all around and everybody cared for everybody's gain. It is really difficult to understand basic reason for people doing things those take us away from this possibility.

Other thing was about living in Present. If we can even for a moment think just about present and nothing else, we would be smiling in that moment. So why not live every moment in itself and give you 100 percent to it rather than caring about past or future. On another level it seemed that disconnecting future and present is very difficult. But at least we should stop bothering about Past.

Overall it was a nice experience for a day. and there are 2 more days to come. I am looking forward to them :-)

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Day Dreamer said...

Good yaar.... Living in present without caring about future according to me is not practically possible so I also agree with you that at least don't dwell on the Past is what we actually mean by live in present.