Thursday, January 14, 2010


I will continue to post some random thoughts and observations at XLRI under this title.

Gyaan@ART of Living:

Live with Happiness not pursuit of happiness.

Random Gyaan:

1- "Our Great Grandfathers lived only as rich as our grandfathers as rate of economic growth was almost negligible at that time. Our fathers lived in more riches than our grandfathers. We will be richer than our fathers. So we are a generation of value creators for the Society"

Well a very limited thought I must say. There are many other dimensions which can be added to it. Many objections can be raised against this statement also. But if you see all that hard work that our generation is putting up must be creating some value somewhere!!!

2- Learnt through an experience that to make good friends you have to invest time with them.(Well, yes, it works in practicality for sure)

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