Sunday, January 24, 2010

@XL-3 ( An assumption is mother of any Goof-up)

I recently faced a situation where a small assumption led to a big trouble. It is highly disappointing when you try your best to ensure that everything goes right and still there are Goof-ups. I think one should try to learn from these mistakes and should not assume to many things in future about others/situations etc.

Other aspect of these situations is behavior of persons around you. Some people will just forget all the right things that you have done in the past and will behave in a very disrespectful manner. However some would support you on your face but would actually doubt your potential. There would be some others who would try to understand the real cause of the problem and will think rationally about your mistake and the outcomes to be drawn about you because of this mistake. I think we should try to check our own behavior if any of the persons around us is caught in any such situation.

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KC said...

Don't see intention behind other's mistakes - AOL (Art of Living)