Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More challenges and more fun

I am very impressed by Shane Warne's stints in IPL so far. He has been a tremendous leader, mentor. He brought success to Rajasthan Royals last year and this year also despite loss of some players like Shane Watson and Sohail Tanvir, Royals are doing OK. What impresses me the most is the way in which he has mentored a young player Kamran Khan. He picked him from nowhere and chiseled him to become a wonderful performer in IPL. Despite a lot of cultural and lingual difference he is able to communicate well with Kamran Khan. Kamran does not understand English much and Warne does not understand Hindi, yet their association has been amazing. You must notice the body language of Kamran Khan and Warne when Warne goes to him and advises him. He puts both his hands on Kamram's cheeks and then tells him to do what he wants him to do. Other than that he has also holded team Rajasthan Royals well together and team is performing well with in the limit of the talent they have.

If you see Warne on field, you would surely notice a lot of intensity in him. His body language shows it clearly. He looks like Maximus of Gladiator. Where does he get motivation from? One may say it comes from the magnanimity of the wealth that IPL throws on individual players. I partially agree with it. But I think only money can not generate the magnitude of intensity that Warne has. There is something else in my opinion and that something is his desire to take up a challenge and then to become successful in achieving the goal. He took a poorly rated team in IPL last year, took up responsibility of both coach and captain. He set up a supporting staff for himself and chalked out good plans and then worked hard, worked very hard. And finally there he is, playing as the captain of the team defending IPL in South Africa this season.

It is something similar to entrepreneurship where one takes up a challenge then works hard and success follows. I have personally felt that the best came out of me when I had taken sole responsibility of achieving a very difficult goal on my shoulders. The amount of satisfaction I got once I had achieved the goal was amazing. And it was real fun to take up the challenge. And I think I became better person in the process.

I think one simple approach to live a fulfilling life can be, take up challenges. Make plans to achieve success. Work with perfection to achieve those goals. If you achieve them, it is amazing and if you do not, try to learn from the experience. Make better plans next time and execute them even better. But another thing that I would point out here is that in the process you will also have fun. The tougher challenge you take, the adventurous your journey can be to achieve it and higher would be the amount of fun that you have. And this is probably what motivates Warne in the IPL.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


किलकारी लेते शिशु की मुस्कान की कहाँ परिधि है,
विद्यालय जाते बालक की आशाओं की कहाँ परिधि है,
प्रथम वेतन से मिलने वाले उल्लास की कहाँ परिधि है,
विवाह रचाते नवयुगल के उत्साह की कहाँ परिधि है

पर यदि हम ये जीवन देखें तो दिखती हर ओर फिर क्यों परिधि है,
सीमित मुस्कान है, सीमित आशाएं है, उत्साह की भी कहीं परिधि है,
कुछ कहते यही सत्य है, पर शायद यहीं असत्य की परिधि है,
सीमित करते हुए स्वयं को, मनु वंशज की यही परिधि है,

क्या निकले थे जो चन्द्र भ्रमण को वो मानव नहीं यक्ष थे,
यदि मानव थे तो क्या किसी विचित्र कला में दक्ष थे,
नहीं, पर हाँ उनकी कल्पना की कहीं कोई परिधि ना थी,
सोचो अन्यथा चन्द्र भ्रमण की कहीं कोई संभावना थी?

हे मनु वंशज तुम भी, सीमित स्वयं को मत करो,
कल्पना करो, और लक्ष्य तक पहुचे बिना मत रुको,
स्वप्न देखो महात्वकान्क्छी, और उन्हें सच कर दिखाओ,
सकल विश्व के लिए एक नया उदाहरण बन दिखाओ.