Friday, March 12, 2010

Egos & Limited perspectives !!!

I recently faced many situations where EGOS of various persons were involved. And I noticed one thing that people can be very silly due to their Egos. People get stuck only with a single stand because it feeds their egos. They do not want to see other side of the issue. They do not want to take a larger perspective and look at things with very limited perspectives.

In Organisational Behavior course we read about Sub-unit orientation. I thought this is because an unit in an organisation sees things from its perspective and hence misses larger perspective. But after my recent observations I think the main reason for sub-unit orientation is that people cant think beyond serving their Egos. They don't want to be defeated by accepting a different view point than that of their own. They do it even it they know what they are saying is illogical to a large extent.

If you see from Historical perspective it is the Ego of human that has driven progress of mankind to a large extent. However the same ego caused battles as big as "Mahabharata" which decimated whole civilizations. so effect of EGO is paradoxical in some sense. Some confuse EGO with Individualism which I think is a very gross mistake to do. I personally think that Individualism is key to development of any civilization but at the same time Egos if inflated can create havocs.

Well, from last some exchanges I understood that if you come across such a situation where inflated EGOs are involved, always be determined and make sure that you put your point forward. Give the person sometime to think beyond his ego and talk to him later again. There is a chance that person sees the other perspective also. This worked for me and I think can always work as an effective strategy in similar situations. :-)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

busy times at XLRI

#I have had very hectic last few days and many more such days are awaiting me. Have been forced to use all sorts of methods to manage my time ( prioritization/avoiding work/slogging hard etc.) Still have not been able to focus of all the things. But I foresee good times ahead.

#I have also been completely out of touch with many friends and infact have not talked to some of them in last 4-5 months.

#Learned many things about myself and others during this period. That has been the best thing in these days.

# XLRI evenings & nights have become beautiful. A tree graced me with beautiful flowers today. felt like going back to Almora. I decided to buy a good Camera.

# Made some good friends in recent days. That is another good thing.

# A Friend of mine @ IIMB writing a book. waiting eagerly for the same.