Sunday, May 25, 2008

I think

I think. And see patterns in things and am able to find out things those could have happened or may possibly happen. I think about thinking too. even I think that I think about thinking. It never stops. Sometimes I am lost in this. I may think about two things and even multiple things together. And when interrupted will still not be able to come out of all thinking threads together. Therefore I sometimes behave as a absent minded person. Given simple tasks I will make them too complex by thinking too much about them, trying to think about all possible dimensions, all possible consequences and factors. While bathing I may think about thermodynamics, while talking to somebody I may think about Psychology, while travelling I may think about sociology, looking at sun, I think about different planes, looking at numbers I may see patterns, looking at Europeans I may think about evolution, races , theology, number of chromosomes. And everytime in this state I feel unique pleasure, a certain happiness and I feel like humming. I am happy to be an engineer as it pays me for thinking. But I certainly strive to find better avenues where I get more time and purpose to think about various things and hopefully am able to share my ideas with others.