Sunday, July 25, 2010


Some days Ago I was watching a movie. In the movie there was a scene with a large field of mustard flowers, a long road, sun shining and a lazy farmer. The Farmer woke up, looked at sun and slept again. Warm breeze was blowing through the fields. It looked as if time had stopped. There was a charm in this pause. Doing things at slow pace, relaxing and sitting back also gives a lot of pleasure in life.

If so, why do we run after so many things? What would be end state? What would make us happy? Do we stop anywhere? And if we do at that point would we be healthy, capable enough to relish that moment. Why achievements matter to us?

I thought about it. Would a static life like where I do nothing and just sit back make me happy? For how much time would I enjoy it? But am I enjoying what I am doing? I know the good thing is that I am experiencing so many new things. But do I relax enough and observe these experience and enjoy them. After all purpose of life probably is to live and nothing else. And if it is so, One should live happily.

The ideal state according to me would be being dynamic and enjoying everything that one does. And you would enjoy it only when you are able to observe yourself involved in these activities. It should be the dynamism that makes one capable of having the best possible pleasures out of life.

As it is said by Buddha, Be dynamic. Never stop. Charaiveti charaiveti.


Day Dreamer said...


Somehow reminds of the Sprite AD where his friend tells me do this , do that and he says "Usse kya hoga" and then it goes on till at the end he says that then you will be to sit and relax and he replies "To main ab kya kar raha hun"

Have come across many people who have this question "Why I am doing all this? What will achieve in the end? Will I be ever satisfied?"

Hope said...

A very common yet a thought-provoking post! :)
I think it's not the achievement that matters, it's the journey.
The emotions that we go through, the experiences we have, the falls, the rises, the speed-breakers...all those matter, and they are the things we remember to cherish our achievements.
That's why, sometimes, we achieve a lot even if we fail in our ultimate endeavor.
The learning in the process is what actually decides whether u succeeded or failed.
As Gita rightly puts "karm karte ja, phal ki ichha mat kar".

If we sit back at the end of our day, and reflect back on our day's activities, then we can cherish our hectic lives too. Every day can be a beautiful experience. Then we're never running at all. We're simply 'living'.