Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Leading for Change

Recently realized that Leading people for change is a very arduous task. Nobody likes change. I think a leader has to be very motivated, Driven and assertive if he wants to bring any change to the existing system. Making promises for a leader is also very easy but carrying out your promises is a very difficult. Because when it comes to follow your vision, you need to change the way things have been working for last so many years. Certain things I think are very important in this regard:

1- A clear vision for future has to be there. This should not get lost in Day to day activities Long term focus should not be lost.
2- A leader has to stand for what he believes.
3- A leader has to change himself first.
4- A leader should not have Ego but should be very assertive.
5- A leader has to be considerate also otherwise he can easily loose connect with others.

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