Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Learning continues@XL

It seems that yesterday only fourth term had started. Last 20-25 days have passed very quickly. During these days I have been busy with a lot of day to day activities and have really not been able to focus on Long term plans. I saw a lot of ego clashes also during these days. I also learnt theories related to Latent motives, Manifested motives and now I can see all my altercations, discussions with people using this perspective. I also got a chance to learn Finance as Philosophy and similarity was striking. I had some emotional moments and found my friends standing by me whenever required. I learnt Power of Belief and some Indian Philosophies. I saw some enthusiastic people and some seasoned business men. I saw myself running behind time trying to do my best but still not being able to catch up. I thought I could be more rational but sometimes logic did not seem to work. One thing that I think I learnt and is really unique is to keep smiling with everything going around. I read Siddartha from Hermann Hesse before coming to XL in this term and that small book has been very relevant all this time :)

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MangoManBunty said...

All I kept on thinking about while reading this was the SAC-FLIX story!