Saturday, June 14, 2008

"The Rain"

As a kid my heart used to sing. There used to be songs. Everytime It rained, the first cold drops of water, the peculiar smell coming from mud, The sound of leaves from Bunyan Tree, The hopping frongs, everything used to make the sound even rythmic. Even later at Almora this song was internalised by me even more. The distant mountains in rain looked as if they are saying, "Hey kid, Look I have watched you play many times, Now see here I Play". I always wished to stay at mountains for ever and never leave them. But then I grew, reached cities, heard creeks of vehicles, people shouting at and hating each other. My heart became afraid, It stopped singing. The sound became mum. The time passed by and now there was no song. Mind had grown over heart. It was, it is, career consciousness, a mad race, a target somewhere to achieve always, even logical problems those made the sound even feeble. Here I am, seeing the first rain of this season want to go back to time, want to feel the sound of leaves, that feeling of joy again. I want to run fast and want to listen to that "chap chap" sound again. Some where some how I have lost it. But I want to go back. And I think see I think again. I just dont want to think, I want to feel. I want to feel.

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su said...

So, did you feel it again??
I think it's all a matter of feeling peaceful at heart. Wherever you'll feel the peace at heart, you'll hear your heart sing..again!
It also depends a lot on the person. You let go of the thought that it's specific to the area you're in and I'm sure you can hear it anywhere...even in the middle of a maddening crowd.