Saturday, June 21, 2008

An Inconvenient Truth

I was only slightly informed about Global warming. Even when I read articles about it, I never understood it to its true extent. Actually we Human beings are subconsciously so self involved that we never ever agree to existence of anything until unless it directly effects us. There have been Katrina,Tsunami but our consciousness towards these events is only limited to merely consider them as news. Only some weeks ago near the World Environment day 5th June we had Environment week at ST Microelectronics. There Movie "An Inconvenient Truth" by Mr.AlGore was Screened. The movie has won an Oscar and Mr. AlGore has won Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. I personally was deeply moved to see the movie and so were many others.
One very interesting in the movie was this frog analogy, which says that if you put a frog in to a jar of boiling water it jumps out instantly. But if you put the frog in to a jar of cold water, and then start boiling it frog never comes out . Similarly we human beings even after being alarmed to the risk of global warming never work to alleviate it, because ironically its a problem which is slower in its impacts than the pace required for us to get in to action.
I was appalled to see the factbasedness of the movie. There were graphs. And Some graphs like that of CO2 levels, Temperature levels showed that we are in trouble big time. Everywhere there were facts like that of level of shrinking Ice caps, that of Sea waves direction changes. Even more facts like the calculation based predictions which had alarmed about Katrina. But C'mon, Nobody believes all this crap. We guys are too smart and self involved to accept these facts. And Katrina Devastated America. There is a Quote in the movie which says:

"What changed in US with Hurricane Katrina was a feeling that we have entered a period of consequences."

I mean its all fact, mathematics, science behind every prediction that alarms us about global warming. I mean its like if x happens and y increased, z is bound to happen. and We know that x has happened, Y is increasing and we sit comfortably !!!

We have risked earth for our comforts and self involvement. Those who dont believe me, PLEASE WATCH MOVIE : AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. Please vist website

I personally tried to mail many people about it but everybody seems reluctant. I dont understand why? I think Its that frog analogy that explains it. We just don't understand that working to avert Global warming is inclusive NOT EXCLUSIVE to everything else that we do. I appeal here to you to rise to the challenge. After all we are a race which has changed earth most than anybody else, this is what is special about Human beings that we can usher changes in and have done so in the past. Who else could have sent something to moon from earth, could have done something as complex as Heart Transplantation surgery.

I just appeal to you to watch the movie "An Inconvenient truth" at least once and to take small steps to try to save energy wherever it is possible.


Urmila said...

Actually I came to know about your blogs page from our common friend. I liked the frog example that you alluded for convincing.
I understand that I alone cannot stop/avoid the effects of global warming around us, but just to start with I and my partner have decided to use a bi-cycle for commutation atleast once a week. This would also contribute to controlling the inflation because of fuel price hikes. I'm just spreading a word about this, so that many other would understand the imapct of it and join this movement.

mohit said...

Hii Urmila,

Thanks for the appreciation. I also have the similar feeling that its not going to matter a lot if we try to change ourselves only. But as the first step its really necessary to first change oneself before tyring to convince others. And than as I said, its we who can usher in changes, I mean Lets try to go beyond comfort zones and spread the message.
I really liked the Idea of bi-sycle commutation. Congratulations, for this. I am happy to find somebody who appreciates this.