Saturday, April 9, 2011

B2B ( Back 2 Blogging)

So here I start blogging again and I hope to be more regular from now onwards.

Since my last post, I have spent great time at XLRI Jamshedpur, memories of which will remain with me for ever. It was an immense learning experience and I also made some great friends. Last few days at the campus were very emotional, followed by an awesome trip to Goa. And then we received our degree on 26th of March, with our Convocation speaker Mr. Vineet Nayar ( Chairman and CEO of HCL Technologies, an alumnus of XLRI, Batch 1985) telling us to honestly assess ourselves and then to fly.

Then came the moment which filled the heart of now 1.21 million Indians with Joy, India won the ICC Cricket World Cup. I also went out on streets watching people hugging each other without even knowing them. The Bond, called Indianness that connects the hearts of denizens of Second most populous country of the world was on display. I also jumped, danced, laughed, shouted and hugged everyone. On our way back we found a severely injured person lying on the road in unconscious state. People were passing by completely ignoring his need for urgent medical attention. They were busy hugging each other and shouting, "Bharat Mata kee Jai". I and three of my friends stopped, admitted the person to the hospital and then came back to our place. I could not help thinking that this "Bond" called Indianness is only available in the comfort of Inaction. We can not act together on issues that matter to the nation most or even act sensibly as human being. We can sign virtual motions but when it comes to sacrifice our personal interest for a larger cause, most of us may turn a blind eye. Then I realized, that I may be thinking cynically, so I decided simply not to think, have a beer and sleep.

Days passed and more incidents took place. News papers have been filled with applaud for Charismatic leadership of Dhoni, Coach Gary Kirsten and Passion of Men in Blue. One thing that I liked the most, was from an interview of Gary Kirsten where he said that apart from planning and hard work the team Believed that they will win. they did not think about any other outcome. I am sure one of the factors of success of Team India in the recent past has been this "Belief" that they can win. We all can learn from it and apply it to our lives.

Then the news of Anna Hazare has flashed in the media. Again my email is filled with multiple mails to support the cause. BJP leaders and Baba Ramdev have been shown in the media meeting Anna. Headlines are, "Today I am also Anna". Everyone says that Corruption should end. I decided to call some of my acquaintances and asked them what they know about "Lokpal Bill". None of them knew about it. Yet they had sent me mails supporting Anna. I asked them if they made an effort to find out what the Bill is all about. They answered in negative. I thought that it is enough that they knew that the fight is against corruption. Then I received a call from one of my friends boasting about his "Miraculous" escape from a Traffic Police person at the expense of 50 rs. and then talking about Anna in the same breath, I thought that Corruption also is a Bond that Connects at least an optimistic figure of 90% of Indian population together. So even if someday, India doesnt win a world cup, terrorists don't attach Mumbai, We can remain together as Indians.

I again thought, I am being cynical. And hence I went for a walk and had Golgappas at a Kiosk on Jhansi streets. I am sure this delightful activity also connects a lot of people in our Fabulous country.

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Day Dreamer said...

Totally agree that corruption is one thing that makes us feel Indian :)