Wednesday, May 12, 2010

< To be Decided- 3>

PS: This part is continuation of last Part 1 & 2. Please go through them once before reading this part.

Next Day Amay Called Raksha in the morning and told her he would talk to his parents about them getting married. Raksha smiled and some drops of tears fell from her eyes. Amay told Raksha that he had some work at Cannaught place in the afternoon and they would meet at Metro walk on Sunday. Raksha was feeling like hugging Amay and say "Cutoo" in his ears.

Raksha also had some work at office. She went to office and came back in afternoon. She was feeling very sleepy. She ate some Bread Jam and went to sleep. She woke up around at 8:00 pm. She thought Amay should have called her by now. She tried calling Amay but his phone was switched off. She had received some missed calls from her home but she thought she would call home later.

She went to the kitchen and put some "Khichdee" to be cooked in the Cooker. She took a bath and then put on some light music. She opened the cooker and then then switched on the TV. She thought that first she should call her home and she called home. Her Mom picked up the phone and asked with anger where she had been and why was not she picking up the call. She calmed her mom and asked, "Kya hua Mummy??" Her Mom said, "Are tumhein pata nahee Delhi mein Serial Blasts huye hain, Kahan thee tum??". She was shocked. She almost cried,"Kya?? Accha mumma abhee mai phone rakhtee hoon..aur dekhtee hoon kya hua hai.." Her Mom said, " Dekho Jyaada Baahar mat nikalna.." Raksha had disconnected the phone by then.

She tried to call Amay but he was picking up the phone. She browsed through the channels and reached Aaj Tak.

Delhi was rocked today by serial Blasts. There were Blasts at Cental park, Cannaught Place and......

The worst ran in front of her eyes. She could not move her hands. Khichdee was getting cold. But her hunger had died. She tried Amay's number again. But Phone was switched off. She called his friend Raman. But Raman's phone was busy.

What could she do?? She had a shivering feeling. She felt as if she was not able to breathe properly. But she calmed herself that it is not possible. She did not want to think about it. She tried Raman's number again.


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