Tuesday, April 20, 2010

< To be Decided- 2>

This post is continuation of last post.

Raksha warmed "Daal Chawal" while Amay helped her with preparing some Salad. Amay mixed some "Haldiram Mixture" in “Daal Chawal” as this was the way he liked it most. While Amay was eating Raksha was looking her. He used to eat as if nothing else mattered to him while he was eating. Raksha found it very cute. As soon as they finished their food, Raksha kissed Amay. Amay was little surprised at this, but he smiled and kissed her back.

Amay Switched on the TV while Raksha went to Kitchen. After she came back, she switched off the television and asked Amay that she wanted to talk to him. Amay sensed something in her eyes and became a little serious.

Raksha: Amay, Mom ka phone aaya tha. She was asking me that I should get married first and then continue with higher studies. Papa kee Tabiyat bhee thodee Kharaab rahtee hai aajkal.

Amay: Raksha, You know that I want to marry you too. But I cannot marry in next 2-3 years. I need to support my family.

Raksha: But I don’t understand how you marrying me is exclusive from that.

Amay: Raksha kuchh aur bhee problems hain jo mai tumhein nahee bata sakta. Tum apnee Mom ko kyon nahee samjhaatee that pahle tumhein Higher studies karnee chahiye and then marriage. This way we both will get time also.

Raksha: Amay, Maine bahut samjhaya hai unko. Par Mom nahee maantee. She asked if I already have someone whom I want to marry. What should I tell her?

Amay: Raksha, You don’t understand my position. There are some other problems in my family which I cannot tell you. Even I am afraid if I would be able to marry you or not. But what you know that I would try my best.

Raksha's eyes were wet. It looked as if she was about to cry. Amay holded her hand and told her that he would do his best for them to be together and that Raksha should give her some time. He would sort the things out. Raksha Hugged Amay .

It had become dark as Amay reached his home. He was having a slight headache. He took 2 Disprins with water and felt relieved. He called his home and talked to his Mom. He picked the novel "A Thousand splendid suns" and slept as he was reading it.

Raksha went to temple near her home, came back prepared coffee for herself. She checked some websites about GMAT preparation then slept after some time.

Both dreamt the same dream in night as they smiled in their sleep.


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