Wednesday, March 10, 2010

busy times at XLRI

#I have had very hectic last few days and many more such days are awaiting me. Have been forced to use all sorts of methods to manage my time ( prioritization/avoiding work/slogging hard etc.) Still have not been able to focus of all the things. But I foresee good times ahead.

#I have also been completely out of touch with many friends and infact have not talked to some of them in last 4-5 months.

#Learned many things about myself and others during this period. That has been the best thing in these days.

# XLRI evenings & nights have become beautiful. A tree graced me with beautiful flowers today. felt like going back to Almora. I decided to buy a good Camera.

# Made some good friends in recent days. That is another good thing.

# A Friend of mine @ IIMB writing a book. waiting eagerly for the same.

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MangoMan/Bunty said...

agree with u...the best thing abt the time spent here is that we got to learn a alot abt ourselves and others :)