Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Please have a look.

"I am an Indian, I love India." But why should I? What is so lovable about it? It is a poor country. 22% of its population goes hungry to sleep. 35% of its population does not know how to read and write. It is rated 128 in Human development index below than most of the poorest nations of the world. It might have had a wonderful culture but today it looks culturally confused. It might have had "Unity in diversity", but some past incidents raise serious doubts about my statement. Its not the safest place of the world to be in, at least some of the recent terror attacks bolster this opinion. Then what is good about it? I think it is a wonderful place to be born in and moreover we are damn lucky that we have a birth date that is 1947+. We are a free country. We do not work under anybody's rule. We are not Sudan. We are not Iraq. We are not Pakistan. We live under our rule. I might not have had the best of the education available in the world, I might not have had best of the living conditions of the world but I have been allowed a chance to fight to become what I am today. No unfair condition has been imposed upon me that could have stopped me from fighting to become a better individual.
Was it possible under British rule? Did they not rape Indian women at their own will? Did they not plunder our villages and were they not responsible for disasters like Bengal Famine? Why is everything different today? Are British people inherently so bad that they did it to us? No, Let me make this fact very clear that they did it to us because we were slaves. Because we did not have any say in the course of the things. So what is different today? Why do our rulers not come and torture us at their will? Why are we not shot today in public meetings mercilessly as it was done in Jalian Walan Bagh. It is only because we have right to elect our leaders. It is only because we are a democratic country. It is only because we employ our rulers to rule us.
But How many of us use this right? How many of us do actually go and choose our own leaders? How many of us do actually have a say in deciding who is going to drive our country? I am happy that many of us use this right and go to vote. But are rest who do not vote still not slaves? Are they still not under somebody else's rule? Are they not giving a chance to somebody else to decide their lives? Are they not insulting all those Indian people who fought very hard for our freedom which we don’t understand the value of? Are they not making a mockery of all those Indians who died as the consequences of British rule? Are they not ignoring the fact that India was divided and remains divided as the cost of our freedom? Do they really understand that we are not Sudan because we are a functioning democracy and we have right to vote.
Decide yourself who you are? Are you a responsible citizen of India or an irresponsible slave who has very little control on his life? Choice is your. I can only give a suggestion and my suggestion is: PLEASE VOTE. DONT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.


su said...

Nice thought, buddy. But, let me ask you something.
I know all this. I know what those people did...they laid their lives...sacrificed their lives, families, luxuries..everything. Now wat? Wat difference does it make to me? The fact is that I am born in a free country and that's it. I don't have to face any of those difficulties that they faced. If anything happens, then will see.

As for voting, I know one must vote. But, whoever comes to power, what difference does it make to me? I am working, and I'll be paid the same salary. Anyways, none of them is good. I don't think anyone of them deserves to be there, so I don't vote. I don't bother to vote or even think of it.
Then, the problem of getting a voter card. It's a complete mess, u see!

This is the real problem. I told you what people think. It's not that they don't know. They don't care. I did vote! I fully agree and do believe that vote is the only way one can bring about a change in "our" society. But, this is the attitude which people have....The Educated..."Intelligentia of India" have.
Can you do something to change that? This is the question which needs to be addressed.

mohit said...

Why should one assume that one would be given same salary? Why so?
one gets same salary only because some people of India go and vote for a government which facilitates favourable conditions for multinationals to come and setup their branches in India.
What is a govenrment comes in to power that reverses path of liberalisation for India.Same is the case with many basic rights that we have. So fact to be emphasized is that Every vote counts.
What We can do is to make people understand significance of their votes. Make Voting easy for them as Jago Re has done.
Imagine if government understands that it has no accountibility towards people of India as they do not vote, what would it do?
Or Imagine if they understand every single Indian is going to vote in next election, will it not affect their current actions?
So Vote does count. and thats what people need to understand.

Ankur said...

Excellent thoughts!

====quote from another publication===
"An election cannot give a country a firm sense of direction if it has two or more national parties which merely have different names but are as alike in their principles and aims as two peas in the same pod." These are the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the US, and are very close to the truth for India, where we have political parties with different names but similar ideologies contesting against each other.
Anyways, we Indians continue to look forward to the coming elections to see if the next coalition government can give us some sense of the direction we are moving in. Indian companies, in fact, are asking their employees to go and vote on the election day, given the angst they have against the current political bosses and their handling of the nation’s financial, economic, and security issues.

As reported by The Times of India, "FMCG major Hindustan Unilever has internally sent out mailers, providing information on the electoral process and detailed FAQs list like how to get registered, what forms to fill up, where to collect voter identity cards, among other things." Vote, India vote!
====end quote====

mohit said...

Appropriate comments sir.

I have just one thing to say that am so positive about India because of We, citizens of India. Indian Inc. asking people to vote is a harbingrer of future to come, when a large portion of Indian population would be aware about its responsibilities and rights as citizen of India

Tarun said...

yaar... itne sare questions ek sath ek hi blog mein :)

bhaiya, seedhi si baat.. log on to aur bas.... finish !!

Waise, nice thoughts dude... British did some good stuff for India.. but that was all by chance... In the process of their own good, some tasks did by them proved to be blessing for India and its development (e.g. Indian Railways)...

but yes... regarding voting... I dont vote because I dont think that out of say 10 options on the voting machine, even a single person deserves my vote.. Am not saying this just aise hi, but this is a fact...

Gimme options like Ratan Tata, Narayan Murhty etc... I am willing to travel on foot for 100 kms just for voting :)

Hope u got why ppl like me and you dont go for voting ...

mohit said...


I Understand your point. I have some opinions here though. firstly I dont think all politicians are bad. India is a too big country to be run by all bad opportunistic politicians. Some of them have devoted their lives for the country. Please dont ask names, it would be controversial.
Secondly, Some of them have amazing potential also. They are highly intellectual and highly capable. You would yourself know how difficult it is to lead even a meagre of human beings.
I really agree with the point when it comes to voting, it is possible that none of them deserves your vote. but what about choosing the least bad of all of them? Please do that because if voting percentage by some chance reaches to say 90%, the best results will come out and I am sure this fact will always remain in back of their minds that India does vote.

Manish said...

good thoughts ... jaago re dot com! ... although meine abhi tak voter registration nahi kiya :)

mohit said...

Thanks. Aur Jaldee se registration kar lo aap.

Your Vote does count. :-)

Bunty said...

right man! people who dont vote advertently are either impotency-loving or deeply frustrated. in either case, the concept of negative voting must be highlighted here.

lovely post...thought provoking! i just hope people take the cue.