Saturday, September 13, 2008


"It hits hard. And leaves no chance to do so. Demon is always there.
sometimes it pushes hard and sometimes just a gentle wipe. The sun rises.and there is always a night after..I think why? Snakes come to me,hiss and try to scare me but never bite. Anyway eventually I have no place to run
" Professor is suddenly awakened from his dreams. He has been dreaming a demon since last some days and is aware of doing so. The girl on the next seat is very cautiously watching this old man.She starts crying. The professor feels helpless.What is happening to him? Sometimes he dreams a war, some times he dreams a young man bare chested with blood all around. Sometimes there is light and patterns formed as in Young's double slit experiment. "Oh..Young Double slit experiment..Oh class..Oh what is time: its 9:30..Oh Shit,Late again.Professor sees the crying girl.she is again watching him carefully but this time smiling". Professor checks his notes.They are with him. Fine!! Professor sings to himself: "stayin alive..stayin alive..ah ah ah..." the girl is relaxed now.and so is prof.
Professor is a Physics Teacher in 'Boys High School'. He is again late for class as usual.

Note: I feel as if some burden is off me. I don't know how it happened.


manish said...

ye kya hai?... a part of some novel or what???... lagta hai tumne pure hosho-hawaas me kuchh aisa soch ke likha hai jiska prasang (context) kisi ko samjh naa aaye :)

mohit said...

I just tried to write as it feels. Not thinking anything.

DT said...
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Sandeep Jana said...
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Sandeep Jana said...

Will the professor evr know that the girl is blind ??? ;)

mohit said...

Aah!! He did not know that..Poor pro.