Thursday, July 31, 2008

India, My Country

Sometimes I think why at all freedom was required for India. In other words I would say I try to think about a scenario in which India does not become free in 1947. After a lot of thought I most of the times reach to a conclusion that, in order to become a world leader or a world power one elementary condition is to become free. And more so for India because arguably we were once world leader in ancient times and we were the ones who made significant inroads in field of mathematics, art, law, philosophy, Religion and other fields and it was us from whom most of these things flowed to other parts of primitive human civilization. But that again, that was only in ancient times. I also find out one more reason that is that we Indians are capable of becoming world leaders again, we are a country which deserve to be second to none.
For Instance a Ramanujam was a clerk in Madras, did not have proper food and other basic amenities of life. But when he was sent to a British university, He grew to be considered as one of the greatest mathematician of his decade. I just quote this example here because I think that Indian mind is some how capable of taking human civilizaion to steps further in many directions. And it was therefore a necessity for country India to become free to become creative and original in its ideologies and Ideas. And It was also necessary to ensure that every Indian gets proper food, clothing and basic amenities of life so that he can move ahead and innovate.
Some days earlier I saw bribery scandal being divulged in the Parliament and I was shocked. I was more ashamed because the MP's who brought money to Parliament considered it to be some kind of victory with out being even slightly thoughtful about the fact that whole world was watching at this mockery of Indian democracy. Some of them must be joking at us and some of them may even have contempt in their minds for us. That day there was a mention of Bomb Blast in Jammu Kashmir in news paper, and I was surprised to see that it was so taken for granted that no body paid attention to this. It looked as if Life of people at Jammu Kashmir holds no significance for us. No statement from Home minister, no consolations for people those died. The only news that was in lime light was this Bribery scandal.
If I summarise my feeling to some words at that moment it was not any kind of disappointment or sorrow, rather this was an acute pain. I just felt- 'oh shit'. I was feeling as if I just wanted to go somewhere where I just can't think about this.
Then came next day, Bomb blasts at Banglore, I was again deeply shocked. Next to that day I was going to watch a movie and some of my friend mentioned that its not safe. I just had an argument with him that its ridiculous to think like that. I mean, we should/have right to feel safe at least in our country. But then the same day, there were blasts at Ahmedabad, next day live bombs found at Surat. Should we really feel safe? Lets not discuss about right of feeling safe.
And then came statement from one of members of a major national party that these bomb plantings and blasts were done to divert attention from Bribery scandal. My God! what an opportunism. What has happened to us, where is that cohesive view of India where we call her our motherland and think that we can do anything for her. What about Indians being people who will give world new directions ? I thought that there would be some statement from our Prime Minister or President with an assurance. but that was not !!! It looked as if feeling of being Indian was being hit , the pride behind it is being hit from all sides. The pain became more acute.
It was only the next day when I woke up and came in balcony and saw temple bell ringing and a flag over it, I felt no, its not all bad. I was coming to office and saw people talking to each other happily, some hugging each other, I felt relaxed. I felt no, spirit of my motherland is alive and we are moving ahead. I also thought probably it is this spirit that has kept us bounded and very much alive since ages. And this thought improved my feeling of relaxation to a certain optimism and certain happiness. I felt as if my blood pressure is decreasing and took a deep breath and a sigh of relief.


Comman man said...

good one, Mohit!!!!!
Nice work is put, specially in the first two paragraph.
yeah, I do agree: Freedom is thefundamental step to creativity (if not innovation).

Keep it up.

Suprem said...

tum aaj bhi bhari bhari batein likhte ho [:)]